Getting pregenant, being pregnant, or having a child can be challenging times
in a woman’s life- I’m here to walk you through it.

Post Partum

Is having a baby not what you thought it would be? Do you feel depressed, irritable and anxious, struggling to be the parent you had hoped to be? Many people think that after having a baby one should feel happy and content. This is not the case for those suffering from post-partum depression and can be a very difficult period for new mothers.

Some mothers may experience “the baby blues” which happens a few days after childbirth, this is often times related to hormone fluctuations and can last up to several weeks. Other mothers go through more than just the “blues” and experience painful depression that can start much later (six months later) and can last for many months or longer. This type of depression affects the mother in how she has trouble bonding with the baby, depressive moods, crying, fatigue, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, severe anxiety attacks, to name a few. Some women even experience a type of postpartum psychosis with hallucinations and delusions. Call Monika to help you get through this difficult time of your life and help you understand why this is happening to you.

Reproductive Health

The emotional struggle of infertility can take a toll on one’s health and relationships surrounding them. Normal feelings of infertility can include but are not limited to loss of interest in usual activities, difficulty in concentrating on anything other than one’s infertility, change in eating patterns, suicidal thoughts, feelings of isolation and loneliness and often times difficulty in making even the smallest decisions. Women will opt to see a therapist either with their partner or alone, to help them cope with the stress and confusion of infertility.

A therapist will be able to help you sort through the different options that are available, such as choosing a third party donor egg, adoption etc. in a very educational manner without any biases. These are very difficult decisions and are often times experienced with a sense of loss, that your counselor can help you process. An open (but entirely confidential) conversation with Monika Kreinberg, can help you with the emotional roller coaster you may be experimenting.

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