A traumatic event can be any shocking. scary, life-threatening experience that can affect someone emotionally and mentally. These can come in the form of natural disasters such as a hurricane, earthquake or a tornado. Traumatic events can also be caused by others such as sexual abuse, car accidents, war or any type of event where the person does not feel safe.  Each person deals with trauma differently.

People respond in different way to trauma. Feelings of anxiety, sadness or anger, difficulty sleeping or concentrating on tasks and constantly replaying the event in their mind. These are normal responses and usually lessen as time goes by. However, if these responses worsened and affect a person’s daily life. It may be necessary to seek help.


Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

PTSD is a disorder that is developed after a person has witnessed or experienced an event that was scary, shocking or may have endangered the person’s life. Not everyone will experience PTSD if they have been through a traumatic event but if they do, it can effect them in many different ways.

Some symptoms of PTSD include but are not limited to flashbacks, nightmares, frightening thoughts, avoiding places, objects, people that remind them of the event, avoiding thinking about the event all together, feeling easily startled, having angry outbursts, loss of interest in daily activities and negative thoughts about themselves or others. These feelings may subside or they may take control of the person’s life entirely, this is where medical attention is necessary. This disorder can affect children just as much as adults. It just may appear in a different way for example acting out, avoiding or forgetting to talk, bed wetting and aggressive play. Therapy can be very effective for people who suffer from this type of disorder.

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