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Corporate mental health consulting helps organizations foresee human resource crisis, it assists employees by providing them with resources to help them manage tough times and it helps to create strong working relationships within the corporate ladder. How many times does an employees personal life affect their productivity? Corporate mental health consulting helps to recognize that there is a problem and provides solutions for that problem.

Dr. Monika Kreinberg has a background in business and psychology. She understands how problems are often overlooked and tend to grow over time, create havoc for the bottom line. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies and also has an education background in Organizational Learning and Leadership (EdD). Dr. Kreinberg works with companies to implement LGBTQ+ friendly policies, worked with Human Resources to create training programs for Sexual Harassment Prevention, has helped hundreds of employees find help so that they could continue and thrive at their job.


There are times in life were clients are looking to achieve particular goals. This could be a new job position, solving a particular problem or improving performance. Coaching focuses on the future and focuses on the client’s strengths. It closes the gap between the present where the client is and the future, where the client wants to be. Coaching differs from therapy in that it does not focus on the past, it does not aim to healing psychological dysfunction or relieve emotional pain.

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Coaching is a strength based approach. It focuses on the resources you already have and how you can use those to create personal growth. Clients learn to see more clearly, this accelerates their growth process exponentially, allowing them to see results very quickly. If you are wondering which type of approach would be more effective for you, call for a free consult. Dr. Kreinberg can help you decipher whether coaching or counseling would be more



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