Painful sex-how you can manage it?

Pain during Sex. What causes it, and what can we do about it? If pain while having sex is something you are experiencing or have experienced in the past, you are not alone. Pain during sexual intercourse is far more common than we think and, for some women, the norm....

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How Does Addiction Affect Relationships?

We don't talk about it enough. If a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, their partner, friends, and family (including therapists and doctors) will primarily focus on the physical and psychological aspects of the person's addiction. And it's only natural. You...

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7 Reasons (Excuses) Why Men Cheat

Let’s start by defining what cheating really is. Many men feel it could be a ‘grey’ area. This is far from the truth. Robert Weiss the author of ‘In the Doghouse’ defines cheating or any type of infidelity as “breaking the trust that occurs when you keep intimidate,...

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